Bloom Where You Are Planted

25 foot spiral vortex sunflower mural painted by Brenda Kato with glass embelishments by Mary Allegretti.

Press Release for the Unveiling

Who: Brenda Kato & Mary Allegretti
What: Sunflower Mural Unveiling
Where: 4045 Post Street, Jacksonville, FL 32205
When: July 8th, 1-3 p.m.

Mark your calendar for the Sunflower Mural Unveiling in Murray Hill on July 8 from 1 – 3 p.m., located at 4045 Post Street. The 25 foot tall mural was designed and painted by local illustrator, Brenda Kato. Local artist Mary Allegretti also embellished the painting with her glass art.
Jacksonville, FL, June 8, 2017 – This mural is their first artistic collaboration. The brightly colored mural is on the back alley wall of the J&W Discounts building facing Edgewood Avenue next to another beautiful Jellyfish mural painted by Meredith Sullivan. The full blue moon, glowing stars and the tops of the tallest sunflowers can be seen towering over the Edgewood Diner that sits on the corner of Post Street and Edgewood Avenue. This is the ninth mural to be completed as part of the Murray Hill Preservation Association’s mural project managed by Jason Tetlack.

Brenda has named the mural “Bloom Where You Are Planted” as a reminder to think positively and give back to your community. “My sunflower paintings have become very popular because they are a lot of fun. They make people smile and have energy vortex spirals in the middle. I recently illustrated a children’s book “I’m A Secret Superhero,” by Marla McKenna and added these similar sunflowers because the book is about the power of positive thinking. The superhero grows a big field of sunflowers. I have always loved the huge, dramatic flower,” said Brenda Kato.

After living in Astoria, Queens, NY near some of the best street art in the world, Brenda jumped at the chance to contribute to her hometown neighborhood’s public art project. She had always noticed so many places around Jacksonville that would be great for murals but never pursued it so she’s thankful to Jason and MHPA for doing the initial leg work to make this happen. MHPA put out a call to artists last year, and then took the submitted artwork to local property owners to promote participation. They raised funds to pay for the cost of paint. The Paint Craft Store also donated paint to the projects. The new owner of J&W Discount Store, Michael Danhour has done a great job improving the appearance of the large older building which now will be a cherished landmark.

Brenda invited her friends and family to help paint the mural which took about two months. “I have a very demanding day job so it took many nights and weekends. I was thrilled when Mary Allegretti expressed interest in blinging up the mural with her glass art. Mary is  an extremely talented and well known artist. I am placing a plaque next to the mural with the photos and names of all the people who helped me complete this project. We’ve helped make history, and I hope they will be proud of this mural for years to come,” Brenda stated.

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There are three more murals underway in the Murray Hill area and if people would like to see more murals in the future, they should donate to Murray Hill Preservation Association to help pay for supplies and artists. Learn more at